Brio Country Railway Train Set – A Classic Wooden Train Set

Brio Country Railway Train SetThe Brio Country Railway Train Set is an ideal starter set to introduce your child to the joys of Brio and wooden train sets. As I mentioned in my post about the Early Learning Centre, to this day I still fondly remember peering through the window at the huge Brio set they had set up in the shop in Bradford all those years ago. I bet its still there and I bet there are children just as mesmerised as I was every day of the week looking through the window.

Roll on 30 years and thankfully we were lucky enough to inherit quite a collection of Bio trains and track and you see this is why Brio is such a marvellous toy to buy for a child in your life, not only will they get to enjoy the toy for years, but so with their brothers and sisters and later in life maybe even their children!

Brio is the original Wooden Track makers and yes there are many Brio style sets out there but Brio in my opinion still hold the prize of being the best quality and more often than not the best ingenious in their timeless design.

Brio Country Railway Train Set & Other offers

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Lets take a look at what is in the Box of this Brio Country Railway Train Set.

Brio Country Railway Train Set

Brio Country Railway Train Set BoxComing in a handy plastic tub comes 50 pieces of lovely Brio train pieces, including enough track to create a kind of wiggly figure of eight, two different trains and loads of country accessories.

There are Two Locomotives, Four Carriages, Four Horses, Four Trees, Four Horse Jumps, A Train Driver, Loads for your Train Carriages and Bridge Supports to keep your bridge up (well until a child goes near it!).

Brio Country Railway Train Set

This set may be a little bit more expensive than others on the market, but you have to think of this as an investment, invest in the best and your family will be playing with it for generations. This set is the perfect set to get your Wooden Train Set off to a brilliant start.


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