Boys Dream Toys 2012 – Top 8 Christmas 2012 Boys Toys

Dream Toys 2012Welcome to the Boys Dream Toys 2012! Every year the Toy Retails Association chooses which toys they consider to be the Dream Toys of 2012 and this year is no different.

Today they announced their extensive lists, each of which feature a group of toys which will suit a particular age or gender of children.

Below you will find the Top 8 Christmas Boys Dream Toys 2012

1 – Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch – by Bandai

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch Christmas Toys 2012
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The new Ben 10 Omniverse series is now on the telly and boys and girls up and down the land are loving the action, I know my little boy certainly is and this Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch is well and truly on his Christmas 2012 list.

I need to get one before they sell out! This toy is the most advanced Omnitrix to date with loads of sounds and features, its almost just like the one from the TV well withought the changing into an alien!

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2 – Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set – by Mattel

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set - by Mattel
My review of the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set is coming soon.

The new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Track Set is one of a new bread of the ever popular car track. Seriously they have been popular with boys, and girls since I was a little boy.

So whats different about this is that its mounted on the wall so not only does it use gravity in a cool way it also means you can have a huge track set up and your parents won’t be tripping over it all the time, mounted on the wall is a lot more tidy than on the floor.

3 – Monsuno Core Combat VC 2 Pack – by Flair

Monsuno Core Combat VC 2 Pack
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A few months back my son and I spent an enjoyable afternoon playing with these and I tell you children gravitate towards these fantastically designed toys.

You have a tube like thing which contains a creature that folds up a bit like a backugan and you do battles with your mates, seriously fun. The Monsuno range of toys is huge and the game has a lot more depth than I’ve mentioned here.

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4 – Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail Fire – by Hasbro

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail Fire Blaster
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This is a complete beast of a Nerf Gun, its huge and it can hold a stupid amount of darts, its almost like you will never run out there are that many! Well ok there are 144 but still, that is verging on Obscene.

The Darts shoot out of this Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail Fire literally like a Hail of fire, definitly one for older lads, purely due to the fact its ginormous and you need to be bigger to actually lug it around.

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5 – Star Wars Fighter Pods Multipack – by Hasbro

Star Wars Fighter Pack Multipack
My Star Wars Fighter Pods Review is coming soon.

We are getting some of these for my Nephew for his birthday and they look fantastic.

Perfect for younger fans of Star Wars these 2.5cm Star Wars Figures fit inside the circular battle pods ready for battle.

With loads of Accessories and different figures, as with all Star Wars toys these will be very much loved as well.

6 – Moshi Monsters Super Moshi HQ – by Vivid

Super Moshi HQ
My Super Moshi HQ review is on its way.

The new Super Moshi HQ is a fantastic new Moshi Monsters playset for you to play with your Moshi Monsters collection on, its also great for displaying them too.

Built into the volcano found outside Monstro City, the Super Moshi HQ is where Super Moshis plan their missions to save all Moshidom from Doctor Strangeglove.

7 – Trash Pack Scum Drum Garbage Game – by Flair

Trash Pack Scum Drum Garbage Game
My Review of the Trash Pack Scum Drum Garbage Game will be shooting to the blog real soon.

The Trash Pack Scum Drum Game is a new game you can play with your friends and your collection of Trash Pack figures. Challenge your friends with one of the two Launchers to shoot Trashies into the Scum Drum.

Great fun and a great way to expand your Trash Pack collection. It come with Four exclusive Trash Pack Figures.

8 – Web Shooting Spider-man – by Hasbro

Web Shooting Spider-man
My review of this Web Shooting Spider-man will be crawling up the wall onto the Blog really soon.

This new Web Shooting Spider-man is a huge 13″ figure that has actual web shooters that come out of his hands just like Spider-Man himself!

A fantastic Toy perfect for a Spider-Man fan in your life, I know my Nephew would love this he is Spidy mad.

Which of the Boys Dream Toys 2012 Do your little lads want?

So there you go the Boys Dream Toys 2012 this is the absolute Top 8 Christmas 2012 Boys Toys that all make excellent presents for your loved ones.

There are loads more toy selections coming ASAP and I’ll add them to this page when I’ve done them.

Happy Christmas!


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