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BouncycleThis Bouncycle is a toy I stumbled upon yesterday an It completely caught my eye and as a result I was intrigued enough to write a post about it.

In principle I really like the idea of it, it looks really cute and futuristic. Aimed at younger children the Bouncycle is a small Balance bike that moves when your child bounces up and down. Its the perfect Bike to get your child use to using a bike and to learn balanceing skills its spot on.

Its fun and funky and I can see this as being the sort of toy that kids just “get” they jump and and zoom off. Its the sort of toy that would be the most sort out toy at Playgroup! Lets see how much one will set you back.

Bouncycle Price Comparison

Here we have the advert for the Bouncycle, its a little bit different and it gives you a great idea of how much children love this space age Bouncycle.


Its essentially a very simple design but the cleverness inside make it move in a really un an playful way.


This toy is perfect for both boys and girls alike, it would suit children from 18months up, but as with all childrens toys, you know what your child can cope with, my Son is quite tall for his age and aleayas has been so he often has toys that are too old for him if you are going of the reccomended age range, so its your judgment.


The Bouncycle is perfect for developing your child’s skills such as Motor and co-ordination skills and of course great for having a whole heap of fun while learning.

Its easy to keep clean and its quite robust too. The wheels are soft and I guess they are designed for indoor use really and they won’t reck your carpets or wooden floors either.

The Bouncycle will also play a “Brum Brum” noise while your child rides it around the room. Having read lots of reviews of this the general consens is this is a great toy, a few people have had issues with wheels locking up, but most shops would replace your Bouncycle if that were to happen.

Personally I think its a great toy and I’ll be looking at it again when my daughter is a little bit older, my only thought is if I were to buy a Balance bike then would I want one that could be used outside as well? If you have a big indoor space to play in then I’m sure your children would love this excellent Bouncycle.

Get your Bouncycle on eBay

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