Bop It! Tetris Review – Addictive – And Its That Tune Again!

Today our nice postman brought us a wodge of nice early Christmas Presents from those lovely people at Argos. One of the nice toys they sent was the new Bop It! Tetris, the 2013 version of the very popular Bop It! range of toys that have been frustrating (and entertaining) people since 1996.

Bop It! Tetris Image of the end

It was re-launched in 2008 its been a regular on those Christmas lists and this year Argos have been selling lots and lots of these. So chances are you could be having a go of one of these come Christmas day.

I’ve only had a few goes so far of this Bop It! Tetris, actually I’ve had quite a few more while writing this post! This Bop It! Tetris Review has only just begun and already I’ve got that song in my head, don’t tell me you don’t know which one, you know you know it.

Here let me remind you….

If you fancy a free game of Tetris online you can find Tetris Online Here

Until today I’d never actually played with a bop it toy, I hadn’t really thought I’d enjoy them very much, but I can see myself getting utterly addicted to this.

My Wife was straight on this when we opened it. She loves these type of games. I was also very happy to find that is comes fully loaded up with batteries something which in this day and age is, let’s be honest here, a rare occurrence.

Bop It! Tetris Review

Bop It! Tetris being Used Image

The Idea of this Bop It! Tetris Game is quite simple and easy for even my five-year old son to grasp. The chap in the Bop IT! (who talks you through each game) also gives you clear instructions how to play.

It’s really intuitive to play, you just bash both ends inwards to make the squares go into an empty space, it’s just like playing tetris.

One slightly frustrating thing is it sometimes thinks you have messed up if you slightly press one side as you rotate it. I suppose its me (you) doing it, messing up, but it’s sometimes feels über sensitive. You do get used to it really quickly though. These types of games are meant to be mildly irritating though aren’t they?!

Bop It! Tetris In Action ImageSo far we have achieved the lofty score of 99 points, which is probably pants compared what them young uns will be able to get with it!

When you’re playing you progress through progressively faster levels just like the original Tetris. There are also bonus rounds where you have to clear all the blue lights with red lights. It’s definitely going to appeal to gamers an I can see children getting very addictive especially as it tells you the “high” score when you start a new game, cleverly mildly riling you up as you commence your attempt to beat it.

Bop It! Tetris Conclusion

I would definitely recommend this game. I was chuffed it came with Batteries, even if they are just promo ones, better than nothing. It’s really easy for anyone over say 4 years old to pick up and play. If you have played Tetris before than you will feel very at home with this Bop It! Tetris Game.

If you would like to get one for yourself I highly recommend you get yours from Argos, either online or do as we often do order online and pick up in-store.

Bop It! Tetris Box Image


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