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Bob The Builder ToysBob The Builder Toys are based on the popular kids series Bob The Builder, if you have never heard of Bob The Builder, even if you do not have any children of your own, then you have surely been living on a different planet! The animated television series which began life on British children’s television way back in 1999 has gone from strength to strength. Indeed, it may surprise you to learn that Bob The Builder has been exposed to children in more than 30 other countries since it began.

Bob The Builder was the brainchild of Keith Chapman, a British children’s television writer and producer who has the likes of working for Henson International (of the loveable Muppets fame) on his CV. Keith enlisted the help of Sarah Ball from Cosgrove Hall Film to tweak Bob’s world to make sure that it would appeal to a wide audience – and it is safe to say that it does!

As well as Bob the Builder who, well builds stuff, there are several other characters that have joined the hammer-wielding hero since the show started. As well as Wendy, Bob’s second-in-command (and the one who always seems to keep him on the right track), there are plenty of machines that ensure that Bob gets the job done in double-quick time.

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A lot of the characters such as Lofty, Dizzy, Skip and Roly all have a place in the younger generation’s heart too – but Bob will always be number one in many children’s eyes. The appeal of Bob and his gang, who manage to show children how to be enthusiastic, positive and to compromise in each and every show, has never waned and indeed is still attracting new fans every year.

If you have a budding Bob or willing Wendy in your family, you will discover that there are plenty of fantastic Bob The Builder Toys available to make them smile. One of the bestselling Bob The Builder Toys is the Bob The Builder Clicker Construction Set, which is suitable for children over the age of 3. The construction set will provide hours of fun for your budding builder with a crane, a lift and a fully operational cement silo (which dispenses cement balls) all included. This set is also quite clever as it recognises when the vehicles provided with the set approach certain areas of the construction set, setting off sounds such as beeps or key phrases that big Bob fans will instantly recognise themselves.

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As well as the clicker construction set, another bestseller when it comes to Bob The Builder Toys is Bob’s Wonky Wall Game. Suitable for Bob fans over the age of 4, this game helps to develop concentrations skills as well as good hand/eye co-ordination skills. The players of the Wonky Wall Game take it in turns to remove bricks from Bob’s wall as carefully as they can. The player who causes the bricks in the wall to come crashing down loses the game. But of course half the fun for a true Bob The Builder fan is building the wall back up and starting all over again!

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