Best New Toys 2013 – 34 Of The UK Toy Fair 2013 Best Toys

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Today is a great day for anyone involved in the Toy industry, because today is the day the Toy Fair 2013 – Best New Toys 2013 opens up and hot of the presses is their tip top list of the Best New Toys 2013.

This is the definitive list of their favorite 34 toys that will be featuring at the UK Toy Fair 2013. Last year I made a similar post covering the Top Toys of 2012 from the Toy Fair and it was one of my most popular pages of the year so I thought I’d do it again!

Split into twelve different categories the Best New Toys 2013 span all of the main types of toys that are popular with children. All of these toys are hot of the presses and many are not even in the shops yet, so this page is kind of a work in progress. I’ll be updating this Best New Toys 2013 list every month to make sure this page is up to date with useful links to each product as I add it to my site and other places on the internet you can find out more about each toy.

I have to say a big thanks to those lovely people at the Toy-News Online website for this Best New Toys 2013 list, I was watching the live stream from the Toy Fair trying to work it out, but thanks to their hard work they just published this list.

I’m going to try and find a picture to go with each toy and if they are available I’ll add a link to all the places you can buy each one.

Best New Toys 2013 – 34 Of The UK Toy Fair 2013 Best Toys

So here we have it the very Best New Toys 2013 that the master BTHA Toy boffins think are going to be massive hits in 2013 and I have to say I totally agree there are some stunningly good toys in this list. So lets jump right in and take a look at the toys, the first category is the Action Figures.

Best New Toys 2013 – Action Figures

1. Ben 10 Omniverse Omni-Link Omnitrix Interacts with TV Show!

Best New Toys 2013 Will The Ben 10 Omniverse Omni-Net Omnitrix Look Like This?The Ben 10 Omniverse Omni-Link version of the ever popular Omnitrix is the new one that features even more cool stuff than all the other ones. It RRP is £29.99, but you can bet that you will get one cheaper than that and its made by Bandai who make all the Ben 10 Toys.

I have to say that my son had the previous version of this the Omnitrix Touch and it is very well built and durable, I expect this one to be the same too. It will actually interact with the Ben 10 TV show, how cool is that!


2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop-up Pizza Playset Anchovy Alley

teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles_pop-up_pizza_playset_anchovy_alley_250x250I have to say I feel quite un-impressed by this toy. I can see how it would be fun if you had a load of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figures to go with it, in fact you really do need to have a few otherwise its really just a lump of colourful plastic. Personally I think its a little sparse on features, its main point being that it can be folded up so you can take it with you.. woo hoo … not a massive bonus really.

Personally my Son never seems to get much play out of playsets like this, some kids just don’t need props for their play, they can imagine it all themselves. I appreciate that all children are different and this might be just what they need to help them with their imaginative play. Its meant to cost £24.99 but as always you will get it cheaper and its made by Flair.


3. STAR WARS Anakin to Darth Vader action figure

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Action FigureIt always puts a smile on my face to see a new Star Wars action figure in the spotlight and especially one in the Toy Fair top lists.

Star Wars has been around for as long as I have, it’s always been there a constant force in my life and i’m truly amazed that they are still coming up with ingenious ways to further the franchise.

This dual Action Figure can be either Anakin or Darth Vader and the best bit is his light Saber changes colour, ingenious! Its meant to be around £24.99 but if you check below I bet you can get it for about a tenner cheaper than that, made by Hasbro.


Best Boys (I also imagine Girls would enjoy them too!) Toys 2013

4. The Trash Pack Ultimate Fighting Trashies Battle Arena

Best New Toys 2013 the_trash_pack_ultimate_fighting_trashies_battle_arena_250x250I have to admit it, I personally don’t really get Trash Pack toys. My Son though loves them, to me even the name irritates me a bit. It should be Rubbish Pack!

So the idea is you have a couple of mates who can each control their own Trash Pack Spinner thing and the winner is the one who knocks out the other Trash Pack things. The Arena is meant to cost about £12.99 but they are doing it with a few Trash Pack Spinner Bins included for a bit more, made again by Flair.


5. Dinosaurs a fantastic new range from Schleich

dinosaurs_schleich_250x250I absolutely love these. Schleich is the Ferrari maker of Animal toys. They are super detailed, very durable and you can imagine these being still played with in generations to come. These are very very very well made and nice toys. Perfect for children who are dinosaur mad and I definitely know a few of them. These are also great for displays and they look fantastic on a Kids bedroom shelves.

They are priced quite reasonably in the region of £6.99 and they are of course made by Schleich. If you are looking for Dinosaurs, then seriously why would you look elsewhere, these are the best.


6. Horrible Histories Battle Arena, the excellent books now as toys!

horrible_histories_battle_arena_250x250I love this new range of Horibble Histories toys, I saw this while I was watching the Toy Fair live Streaming and I thought, that is going to be a massive hit. I’m so looking forward to when my son is a bit older so we can get him into reading the Horrible Histories book and now with these toys too. There is so much in this playset, it will keep your children busy for ages and ages. its also got an good educational slant too. You can get it from around £39.99 made by Worlds Apart who also make loads and loads of extras you can get for your children to expand on this Battle Arena.


Best Construction Toy 2013

7. Mega Construction Mega Workshop – Dune Buggy

mega_construction_mega_workshop_dune_buggy_250x250This is a really ingenious toy. Your child will get to build a fantastic Dune Buggy using proper tools and in the process they will learn some really useful skill that will set them in good stead for building a host of things in their life.

For some children they may need a bit of help from you with the tricker bits, but for most 7+ year olds they should be able to suss it all out themselves while having a load of fun. A really well put together kit from John Adams and you should be able to get yours from around £24.99 or less.


8. LEGO CITY: Starter Sets

LEGO City Starter SetA great LEGO starter set that includes 5 minifigures with accessories, a robber, policeman, fireman, rescuer and a skater boy. That’s not all though as this set also includes an ambulance, a fire truck and a police motorcycle so this really is the perfect set to get for a child who has yet to be introduced to LEGO or one who wants to expand on a collection.

You will never find me saying I don’t like a LEGO set, this is no exception, its brilliant, and really does have enough inside to keep a child busy for ages and loads of options for playing with too. You can get one for around £19.99 made of course by LEGO and this is the perfect present sort of price range.



9. LEGO CHIMA: The Lion CHI Temple – a huge new set

LEGO_legends_of_chima_the_lion_chi_temple_250x250This is currently the biggest and most expensive set is the LEGO Chima Range thats one of the newest ranges of LEGO. Definitely one that will appeal to children, LEGO Chima has a great backstory and they are making TV Shows and Cartoons to back up the range too.

With loads of LEGO Technological advances being incorporated into this range children will love all the new features. It comes with 7 LEGO Minifigures, Lagravis, Laval, Longtooth, Ewald, Cragger, Crawley and Razar and loads of cool features. – It cost in the region of £89.99 so in my opinion this is definitely in the “big” present category.


Best Creative Toys 2013

10. Disney Princess 3D Magic Projector

Disney Princess 3D ProjectorMy first impression of this toy is a whole heap of Meh… I suppose I’m personally not the target audience which will more than likely comprise of more little girls than it will of boys. I think it may be fun for a few days, I just wonder just how long it will stay fun really.

Reading the reviews around the internet, many people are saying that overall its not the best quality either, so not entirely sure why its in this list of best toys. If though your child is a total Disney Princes fan you may want to get hold of one, just try and see if you can test one first, to see if its worth it, its meant to be £29.99 which is a lot.


11. 4M Glow-in-the-dark Fairy Buttons

4m_glow_in_the_dark_fairy_buttons_250x250This Fairy Buttons set though looks great, I can so imagine children loving making these badges and sticking them all over thier book bags and all their friend bags too. Well maybe a slight exaggeration as this pac only comes with enough stuff to make 12.

I really think that this will keep your children entertained creatively for a while and they will be itching to turn all the lights off and see them in the Dark!

Although it seems its only available from Amazon, which makes me wonder why all the other toy shops are not stocking it?


12. myStyle Jewellery

mystyle_jewellery_250x250Likewise with the Glow in the Dark Fairly Buttons, I think is is quite a nice toy too. I can imagine this sparking the creative bug in many children. it shows you how to make 9 different pieces of jewellery. Once you child has learnt how to make them all it takes is a few more materials and their imagination can run riot.

The set is also quite cheap so definitely a present option for a creative child in your life.


Best Games and Puzzles 2013

13. Spot the Sillies – Pesky Pirates


RRP £8.99 Gibsons

[phpzon asin=”B00AC3UYS8″ country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

14. Disney Hedbanz


RRP £14.99 Spin Master

[phpzon asin=”B008EQJ7TC” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

15. Don’t Rock the Boat


RRP £14.99 University Games


Best Girls Toys 2013

16. Doc McStuffins Time for your Check Up Interactive Doll


RRP £39.99 Flair

[phpzon asin=”B008G29PDW” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

17. LEGO FRIENDS: Heartlake City Pool – new range of sets


RRP £39.99 Lego

[phpzon asin=”B0094J5DSC” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

18. Style Me Up! – Color Freedom – design your own bag


RRP £4.99-19.99 Wooky

[phpzon asin=”B004M8RPGS” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

Best Hobby Toys 2013

19. Aqua Dragons Underwater World


RRP £11.99 Brainstorm

[phpzon asin=”B009HOOLDW” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

20. Scalextric Demolition Derby


RRP £99.99 Hornby

[phpzon asin=”B00BCU6Y5W” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]



RRP £9.99 Hornby


Best Miscellaneous Toys 2013

22. Freezy Squeezy


RRP £12.99 Character Options


23. Woolly and Tig Poseable Woolly


RRP £14.99 Golden Bear


24. Craft Party – Pirate Party


RRP £24.99 Interplay


Best Outdoor Toys 2013



RRP £16.99 H Grossman


26. Razor Berry Scooter


RRP £49.99 Re:creation

[phpzon asin=”B00AATRX9C” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

27. Boomaring


RRP £9.99 Wicked Vision


Best Preschool Toys 2013

28. Go MINI HQ Playset


RRP £29.99-34.99 Golden Bear


29. Woofer


RRP £35.00 John Crane

[phpzon asin=”B004Z0VVEK” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

30. Police Headquarters with Alarm System


RRP £69.99 Playmobil

[phpzon asin=”B007RDZFPI” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

Best Pocket Money Toys 2013

31. Fingerwhips


RRP from £4.99 Re:creation

[phpzon asin=”B008RLSM4K” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

32. Peaceable Kingdom – Stinky Scratch & Sniff stickers


RRP £1.99 Stepping Stones

[phpzon asin=”B0040ZG2QW” country=”uk” trackingid=”toychief-21″ templatename=”asin_slim” reviewsort=”-OverallRating”]

Best Youth Electronics 2013



RRP £59.99 Character Options


34. HolograFX


RRP £34.99 John Adams


Best New Toys 2013 in conclusion

So there we have the 34 Best New Toys 2013 that the British Toy Retailers Association think will do well in 2013.

Personally I think some of these toys are brilliant, the Horrible Histories set is great and the Ben 10 watch will be a massive success. I like the old classics like the easy Airfix sets, the Dinosaurs and the LEGO, when is LEGO not good really?!

There are though in this list some utter rubbish toys, the Doc McStuffins has only just come out and its getting rubbish reviews on Amazon, that is a sign of a pathetic toy IMO. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles playset is a bit dull and I’ve found most kids get board of playsets like these, very quickly.

So what do you think of their selection of the Best New Toys 2013?


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