Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch Christmas Toys 2012The new Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch is set to be the must have Christmas 2012 toy for fans of Ben 10’s adventures.

With the new series of Ben 10, Omniverse on the screens and a huge range of new Ben 10 Omniverse Toys filling up the shelves, this Chistmas its going to be hard for Ben 10 fans to work out what to get first!

Personally I think that this new Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch is going to be high on many Ben 10 fans list this Christmas, because with this they will be able to use theirs to unlock the power of the Omnitrix with the touch of a finger.

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch Price Comparison

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch Christmas Toys 2012

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch Review

Once open the Omniverse Omnitrix has a fantastic pop up touch pad that will let you play over 20 sounds which are included in 3 different fantastical playing modes.

All you have to do is bash the top of the Omnitrix to open up the most technologically advanced Omnitrix evercreated by man.

With your own Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch you will be able to hear to 7 of Ben 10’s most newest Omnitrix aliens and they sound just like they do on the Telly.

You will be able to create your own awesome sound effects and you can replicate the hidden DNA code in the Plumber Tech Proto-Specs to find a secret message from Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix

You will also be able to plug in the sound boxes from the Feedback and Eatle figures into your Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch to hear a host of brilliant extra alien sound clips.

Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch Christmas Toys 2012

My Son has got the old Omnitrix and he loves it, its given him hours and hours of happy play time so I highly expect this to give your child just as much joy, this is a great Christmas Present for any Ben 10 fan, you can find the best price for the Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch online in the UK here.

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