Batman The Dark Knight Rises The Bat – Christmas Toys 2012

The Dark Knight Rises The BatThe Dark Knight has risen again, one of my favorite super heroes is back on the silver screen, sadly I haven’t as yet managed to see The Dark Knight Rises, but I have you will be happy to learn seen a whole heap of the toys that have been created to go along with this film.

Batman toys have been made for decades now and you can collect the caped crusader in many many guises and many of the differeing styes of costume he has featured in over the years.

Now a new crop of Toys have been put on the shelves for a new generation of avid Batman fans and I can tell you this new The Dark Knight Rises range of toys is one of the best yet.

One of the best of these is the new The Dark Knight Rises The Bat which is being touted as being one of the anticipated most popular Christmas Toys for 2012.

The Dark Knight Rises The Bat Price Comparison

I’m told that during the film (spoiler alert) The Dark Knight uses his Bat vehicle to save Gotham from a nuclear explosion so this craft is a serious bit of kit.

What You get with Batman’s The Dark Knight Rises, The Bat.

The Dark Knight Rises The Bat

Your kids will be set and ready to do battle with the baddies of Gotham city with this brand new batman flying vehicle.

With The Bat, Batman can fire missiles at the enemy and fly his Bat machine into frenetic aerial battle.

The Bat plays some great battle sounds and they will make you feel like your right in the action. When the time is right you can even fire Batman with a flick of a switch out of the Bat for close combat action!

Your children will be able to instantly battle villains with this new feature vehicle, sending Batman into action when he needs to attack.

Included with this Dark Knight vehicle is one foam glider Batman figure and two missiles that you can fire yourself.

The Dark Knight Rises The Bat

You will need 3 AG13 Batteries and you will be happy to know they are included!

Now I’ve not actually seen this in the flesh myself as its only available from a few toyshops, but I have heard mixed reviews to be honest.

Some people are saying its great but some people are saying that its a bit plasticky so it might be best to take a look at it before you buy just to make sure its decent quality as there is anything worse than being disappointed by poor quality toys.

It looks wicked, but if I’m not sure how strong it is.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises The Bat on ebay

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