Barbie Puppy Play Park – Christmas Toys 2012

Barbie Puppy Play ParkThe Barbie Puppy Play Park is a must have for any Barbie loving girl and is tipped to be one of the Christmas 2012 best sellers. This is no surprise; what young girl wouldn’t want the joy of this prettily dressed Barbie set, along with two cute puppies in their own play park.

The set comprises of a pink picket fence with gate, and slide; both decorated with a cut out paw print design. Clipped to the inside of the fence is a quaint green hedge to add an extra realistic dimension to the set. Along with the play park, is a blond Barbie in an adorable pink bone print dress and pink shoes, two dogs (one sound activated), a pale pink play ball and a bone as a treat for the puppies.

Barbie Puppy Play Park Price Comparison

The main feature of Barbie’s Puppy play park is that the larger of the two puppies is motorised and responds to sound. Barbie has a clever feature where a button can be pressed on her back and she claps her dainty hands together to call the puppy to her side or to command it to run up or down the purple slide.

Girls playing with this set can also interact by clapping their hands to make the dog move. Although the smaller puppy does not have this same clever trick, it can be attached to the larger dog with a clip on its side or at the back. This allows the dogs to move and play together.

Barbie Puppy Play Park

Both puppies have articulated heads and tails and match the colour scheme with lovely pink bows adorning their heads. The puppies can play inside the confines of the fence or can be allowed to roam free over a table top or other smooth surface.

The Barbie Puppy Play Park is a well designed and unique girls toy, which comes from the trusted Mattel Company; who continue to bring out new and exciting ranges of Barbie, inspired toys!

Barbie Puppy Play Park

3 AAA batteries are required for this must have set and it is suitable for children aged 3 and over.

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