Barbie Dynasty Alexis Doll – From The Nearly Nostalgic Range of Dolls

Part of the ‘Nearly Nostalgic’ range of dolls, the brand new Barbie Alexis Dynasty doll has been inspired by one of the major characters of the 1980’s TV series.

Alexis was played by the very glamorous Joan Collins, and her character’s glamorous personality is depicted excellently in the Barbie Dynasty Alexis Doll.

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Barbie Dynasty Alexis Doll

Designed to celebrate the hit shows 30th anniversary, the Barbie Dynasty Alexis Doll is dressed in a stunning gold lame dress with a thigh-high split at one side and ruffle details on the shoulders.

Barbie Dynasty Alexis Doll comes complete with gorgeous accessories including sparkly necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet, and elegant gold sandals. Of course, her hair is coiffured and teased into a traditional 80’s style, and her make-up is perfect and dramatic!

The Barbie Dynasty Alexis Doll is the perfect replica of the Dynasty character, and will bring back memories for any avid fan of the legendary 80’s television series. A lovely doll to add to your Barbie Collection.

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