Bananagrams Game – A Fast & Fun Word Game

Bananagrams Game A Fast And Fun Word GameBananagrams Game is a quick-fire word game where players have to arrange 144 letter tiles – the “Bunch” – into a crossword-style grid to create words. It could be compared to traditional games like Scrabble or Boggle, but is much quicker and lots of fun to play. The game is really competitive, exciting and can be quite frantic at times! And what’s more the whole family can play together.

The aim of the game is to be the first player with no remaining letters. To win, you must shout out “BANANAS”. Of course, all words have to be proper words and must be spelt correctly. If any words are incorrect, that player is declared a “Rotten Banana”. Throughout each Bananagrams Game you also get to shout out other banana-related words such as: Split” – to begin the game and “Peel” – when a player’s original batch of letters is all used.

Bananagrams Game is the ultimate travel game, as it’s self-contained in a compact (banana-shaped!) pouch. It is super-portable, as there is no need for a board, paper or even a pen. Take it on holidays, coach trips or even to restaurants to play while you are waiting for your meals to arrive!

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An educational game that kids will want to play, and adults won’t mind joining in with, Bananagrams is fun, addictive and challenging – and the children will be learning lots without realising. It is the perfect game for family time at weekends and during school holidays.

Bananagrams Game A Fast And Fun Word Game

The game is super-quick to play: one round can be done and dusted within five minutes. And the best thing for impatient children – and grown-ups – is that there is absolutely no need to wait your turn, as everyone plays at the same time!

All ages (5+) and all reading abilities will love Bananagrams, and the children are sure to learn new words and improve their literacy whilst having a great time. The game can be adapted to suit small or large numbers of players. You can even play Bananagram Solitaire alone, which is great practice for those big family tournaments!

A game that is fun, educational and speedy – what’s not to love?!

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