Baby Born Dolls

Baby Born Dolls. Baby Born the child's best friendBaby Born Dolls Baby Born Dolls from Zapf Creation are dolls with a difference, Baby Born dolls are made to have real lifelike features such as crying, sleeping and and interacting with their keeper. Baby Born Doll don’t use any form of batteries as other dolls of this type do, so all Baby Born Dolls can be washed in the bath just like a real baby!

Baby Born Dolls are great for encouraging realistic role playing and he or she will quickly become your child best friend! With a great range of accessories to go with your Baby Born Doll, from clothes and bottles, to pushchairs and even a car, you will have literally hours and hours of fun.

Baby Born Dolls, Your Child’s Best Friend! Baby Born Dolls And Accessories on Amazon

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Below you will see a wide selection of links from UK stores selling Baby Born Dolls & Toys. This page might not feature everything that is available in the Baby Born Dolls range (I do try though!), but it will all be in stock and ready for quick and easy ordering from trusted online stores. I hope you find the Baby Born Doll or accessory you are looking for!

Baby Born Dolls And Accessories on eBay

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For more information about Baby Born check out the official site of the Baby Born manufacturers Zapf Creation, or check out their history on Wikipedia.



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