Beautiful Baby Annabell Baby Doll with Amazing Turning Head

Say hello to the lovely Baby Annabell, a doll with a few differences than your normal dolls. Baby Annabell reacts randomly to your touch and any sound you make and she requires some help from her Doll Mummy, thats you!

You will need to give her Love and Care for her every need. She really is almost like a real baby with really realistic features and she will amaze you as you talk to her she will turn her head to face you!

Baby Annabell With Turning Head With Light Coloured Skin

She will happily babble, gurgle and suck her dummy for hours on end! When its time to feed Baby Annabell she will drink from her little bottle and she will even do a burp when she has finished!

Your Baby Annabell loves it when you sing to her and she might even fall asleep if she likes your singing! But you have to be careful and quite if she falls asleep because if you wake her up she cries just like a real baby with tears and everything!

Here she is in all her beautiful detail the lovely Annabell ( this is the light skin version ).

Here are the Best Prices for the Beautiful Baby Annabell Baby Doll with Her Amazing Turning Head

Here is an image showing the Annabell With Turning Head with darker skin.

Baby Annabell With Turning Head With Dark Coloured Skin

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