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Star Wars Itty Bitty toychief

Star Wars Itty Bitty – Cuddly Toy Review

Last week those nice people at Hallmark sent me though three of their new range of Star Wars Itty Bitty themed cuddly toys to test out. Instantly, like literally the moment my daughter spotted them on my desk she claimed them, they were now her star wars toys… That was until her older brother (and uber…

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Hot Wheels T-Shirt Range from Zara – Review

As I mentioned in my Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Review, Mattel also sent us one of the new Hot Wheels T-Shirts from a new range from Zara. I decided to write a separate mini review of it rather than have it as just an after thought in on the other review 🙂 There are…

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Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway – Review

Last year those lovely people at Mattel sent us a BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster to review and last week they got in-touch to ask if we’d like to do another review. So the other day the post man arrived with a big juicy box filled with one of Hot Wheels new 2015 sets, the Hot…

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Cloud-B Twinkling Firefly Frog – Rosie’s New Best Mate!

Rosie was very intrigued by the box sat on our sofa when she came back from Nursery one Wednesday lunch time. Even more so when I told her that what was inside was for her to try out! Inside was a toy I’d never heard about or seen before a Cloud-B Twinkling Firefly Frog that…

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Hubelino Marble Run Review

As soon as the Marble Run arrived my children were ĂĽber excited. Well they always are when nice people send us toys to check out and write reviews. With this Hubelino Marble Run though they were extra excited, you see in our house building toys rule supreme and we also love marble runs. So it was…

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BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster in action

Review: BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster

BOOMco Rapid Madness: this new blaster is one of those toys that you spend more time picking up the bits than you do actually firing the thing… It is SO worth it though! This new style battery free blaster from Mattel is incredibly satisfying to fire. Review: BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster Firstly I have to…

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Bop It! Tetris In Action Image

Bop It! Tetris Review – Addictive – And Its That Tune Again!

Today our nice postman brought us a wodge of nice early Christmas Presents from those lovely people at Argos. One of the nice toys they sent was the new Bop It! Tetris, the 2013 version of the very popular Bop It! range of toys that have been frustrating (and entertaining) people since 1996. It was re-launched…

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Imaginext Batcave Review - DC Super Friends Batcave

Imaginext Batcave Review – the New 2013 Version

When we were asked if we would like to write an Imaginext Batcave Review for Asda Direct we grabbed our costumes and shone the bat alert into the sky…. ok we just waited patiently for the postman! One cold November day, there was a knock at the door, I got up to see who it…

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The Dream Toys 2013 Top Ten

2013 Dream Toys Will These 9 Toys Be The Talk Of The Playground?

Announced just last week were the mighty top 50 toys for Christmas 2013, the definitive Dream Toys that all the kids are going to want. This batch of fifty toys chosen by the Toy Retailers Association though were split up into different sections, in the past you would have loads of Boy and Girl type…

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Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro Alloy Frame

RC Helicopter Review – My Incredible Lack Of Flying Skills!

Now when the lovely people at Ebuyer asked me if I would like to try out and review one of these Gyro Alloy Frame Mini Helicopters, I of course said yes! I’ve always wanted to have a go of one of these mini helicopters and with this one looking quite substantial I thought it might…

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2013 Dream Toys Granny Knows Best Top 13 Toys

I’ve already highlighted the toy Eleven Dream Toys for Christmas 2013, but that’s not the whole story my toy loving friends… oh no. The Toy Retailers Association not only choose the top Eleven Toys of the year they choose the their top fifty. In a move away from their traditional way of organising the top…

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