Get Your Armouron – Stand Together Battle as One!

Armouron Red Starter PackArmouron has got to be the best dressing up / role-play toy for boys of 2010, boys up and down the country are going to love this!

Armouron unlike your normal dressing up armor isn’t just static, Armouron is different because you can quickly and easily modify it yourself with easy to use snapperons (the things that connect the parts of the Armouron) and loads of fantastical accessories. So far there are two base sets of Armouron red and blue and then you can get a sword and loads of accessories to mod your Armouron!

Armouron is suitable for boys and girls aged four years up and each Armouron starter pack comes with chest body armour, a helmet, a shield and loads of the essential Snapperons. These starter sets are currently available in red and blue varieties.

Once you have your base Starter Armouron your going to want to modify it aren’t you!? So you currently have three different Armouron Accessory sets to choose from, Wings , Flames and Spikes. Couple your Armouron with your very own Armouron Sword and you will be ready for your ultimate adventure!

Get your Armouron right now the best UK prices are…

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Armouron Blue Starter Pack

Armouron is a great toy to encourage roleplay in boys and to get them out adventuring!

Check out this video to see the fantastic Armouron in action!

Armouron Cheaper on eBay?

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