Angry Birds Toys Turn That Frown Upside Down Angry Birds Plush!

Angry Birds Toys Angry Birds PlushWhether your child has access to a fancy mobile or not they are more than likely to be fully aware of the Angry Birds Toys / Angry Birds Plush characters.

The Angry Birds are here to stay with a vengeance and it is not hard to understand why when you actually see them. For those not in the know, the Angry Birds toys are based on a puzzle game that has taken off on the mobile phone scene.

The game was the brainchild of a Finnish based videogames company, Rovio Mobile and become a popular phone application after its release in late 2009.

The stars of the game are the Angry Birds, grumpy (but albeit very, very cute) feathered friends who have suffered at the hands of the green pigs who stole their eggs. They say the revenge is a dish best served cold – but the birds are too angry to wait and they wage a war on the pigs in retaliation for the offence.

The characters are based on a sketch that depicted birds with no wings, hence the reason why these irate critters decide to fling themselves via a slingshot into structures made of different materials such as ice, stone and wood where the pigs are hiding.

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Like many games, Angry Birds has different levels with varying degrees of difficulty and some of the birds in the later stages have special abilities to help the player along. Having wreaked havoc and defeated the pigs on each level, the birds can retrieve the stolen eggs – although for some reason this doesn’t manage to cheer them up any!

Angry Birds Toys Angry Birds Plush

It is likely that younger children have seen older children or adults playing this highly addictive game, and this will have led to the outcry to have Angry Birds Toys / Angry Birds Plush to add to their toy collection. The plush birds are very true to their depictions in the game and there are several different characters to collect.

The cuddly, bright toys are soft all over, making them suitable for small children and they are recommended for Angry Birds fans over the age of 12 months. They come in a range of sizes from 4 inches to 9 inches, and there are even mini keyrings for attaching onto schoolbags.

To add to the excitement a selection of the Angry Birds Toys / Angry Birds Plush toys also makes sounds, familiar to those that are present in the game. This provides hours of entertainment for younger children and will even raise a smile from the moodiest of teenagers.

So although you can’t get those darn birds to crack a smile, you can be sure that you can turn any frown upside down by purchasing any of the Angry Birds Toys / Angry Birds Plush toys from the collection!

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