Air Hogs Hover Assault – Christmas Toys 2012

Air Hogs Hover Assault Remote Control Car / HelicopterWell bamalamafizzfadge what have we here?

This Air Hogs Hover Assault Remote Control Toy is utterly bonkers, not only is it a remote control car its also a remote control helicopter too!

….and it shoots blooming missiles… fun?? Of course!

Using the Air Hogs Controller, this little beauty can drive, jump and actually properly for definite… fly!

Hotly billed as one of the best remote control toys for christmas 2012 the Air Hogs Hover Assault is going to be leaping and flying around many front rooms come christmas day I bet!

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All in all the Remote Control Air Hogs Hover Assault on the surface looks like a car, it has four light weight wheels and it drives around on the carpet just like a normal bog standard remote control car.

Air Hogs Hover Assault Remote Control Car / Helicopter

Plonked on top of the Air Hogs Hover Assault though are two sets of rotar blades making it able to jump in the air and fly like a normal remote control Helicopter.

Now it will take you a while to get used to the controls especially if you haven’t flown a remote control helicopter before, but before long you will be zooming this crazy little thing around your front room terrorising your Mum and Dad!

Its aimed a children aged 10 and up (so that means you Dads 😉 ) and to be honest for once I think they are spot on with their choice of recommended age as many younger kids would get really frustrated with this toy, it takes a bit of skill to get it right.

On the remote control you get your normal left and right leavers as well as two buttons, the first makes the Air Hogs Hover Assault jump over stuff while its in driving on the ground mode and this one also make it fly. The second button will fire one of the four plastic darts out of the front of the Air Hogs Hover Assault and you can do this in both driving and flying modes.

Its quite a tough little thing so it should survive the epic crashes you will no doubt have!

Air Hogs Hover Assault - Christmas Toys 2012

All in all this Air Hogs Hover Assault is blooming fantastic!

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