300th Post, 3rd Birthday And Welcome To Rosie!

Hello everyone in a change to my normal style of posts I’m writing a very special post today, well I say today I’m kind of writing it a few days after the actual event, but I’m sure you will understand why in a little bit.

So on October the 10th 2009 I decided to start this site with the intention of making it my “main” website where I could talk about my love of toys. It was a project that allowed me to spend more time with my then 1 year old Son Charlie.

Roll on 3 years and he is now four and has just completed his first term at “Big” School!

So today (last week!) is my 3rd birthday here at and what a fantastically perfect day for our second child to arrive into this world, Rosie was born on 3rd birthday!

More importantly though she was also born on my Wife’s late Grandfathers Birthday, which I I’m sure you can appreciate is a much more important reason why the 10th of October is important to us as a family.


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