2013 Dream Toys Will These 9 Toys Be The Talk Of The Playground?

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Announced just last week were the mighty top 50 toys for Christmas 2013, the definitive Dream Toys that all the kids are going to want. This batch of fifty toys chosen by the Toy Retailers Association though were split up into different sections, in the past you would have loads of Boy and Girl type categories, but this year they have changed to become a lot more gender neutral.

I’ve already talked about the Top 11 Dream Toys For 2013 here and the Granny Knows Best Top 13 Toys

The idea behind this selection of toys is that they are the toys that the TRA “think” are going to be very popular and talked about lots by school children.

Lets take a look at each toy that has been chosen in the Playground Banter Section of this years 2013 Dream Toys.

2013 Dream Toys Playground Banter

Chasin’ Cheeky from Hasbro


I talked about this fun little game a few weeks back in my post about Chasin Cheeky and although I can see th appeal of this game. I can’t really see the long-term appeal of it. I imagine most children will tire of this before long. But it’s not massively expensive so if you are after a bit of fun for your children then this might just be it.

Ever After High Royal Doll Apple White from Mattel


To me this is just another in a long line of dolls that all look the same. But then I’m a 36-year-old man so I’m not the best person to really ask on this particular toy! If your child is into dolls though, these are well made and are a companion line to the very popular Monster High Dolls.

Furby Boom! from Hasbro


Furby came back last year but now “IT” is back with a boom with the new Furby Boom! These are crazy little robots that will either irritate or endear. They do all sorts of things and they really are as close to a real life robot pet that toys have come so far.

Gooey Louie from John Adams Leisure


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This is the game that’s going to shock Grandma this Christmas! From the same vein as game like the Dog Poo Game comes a new disgusting game that kids are going to just love. A game about picking noses! I give you Gooey Louie, you really couldn’t dream this up. The players have to actually put their fingers up the nose and try to pull the snot out! The winner is the one who gets the longest so it’s essentially a modern twist on the who gets the shortest straw game, only this time with snot. Lovely 🙂

Monster high 13 Wishes Doll from Mattel

Monster High 13 Wishes Doll

Unsurprisingly the ever popular Monsters High Dolls make the top lists again with their new 13 Wishes variety. Nothing IMO massively different just more of the same, good quality dolls that fans of Monster High will love to have in their collection. I’ve always kind of liked the alternative feel to these dolls a refreshing change to the norm of pink and purple that pervades the normal doll lines.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 from Hasbro


I think this toy is great, not just because I love Nerf Blasters, they are so much fun, but because it hold loads of dart. You can never have too many darts and so its best to get your children one that they can load themselves and one that they don’t have to load every minute. This is a great toy gun if your children like that sort of thing. Well they probably will, but you might not! If you said to most children, draw a picture of a machine gun, this is about what they would draw!

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow from Hasbro


I’m not entirely sure why Nerf felt the need to start a line of toys directed at females, might it have something to do with Hunger Games perchance? Why not just make them in neutral colours so they are not seen as “for Girls” or “For Boys”. Anyway this is quite a cool toy that actually feels like you are firing an actual bow, but just fires a harmless dart.

Silly Moo from John Adams Leisure


Another utterly crazy game is this Silly Moo game. Each player takes it in turn to pull and udder, (just writing that sounds weird!) and the Silly Moo will either give you milk or poo. Lovely….

The Trash Pack Sewer Dump from Flair Leisure Products


I still fail to see the appeal of Trash Pack toys. Charlie has a few of the smaller ones but to me they just seem a bit.. well MEH. This Playset is IMO very expensive and once your child has sent their Trash Pack things down the slide thing s few times is it really going to hold their interest over the long-term, personally I don’t think so.

Will These 9 Toys Be The Talk Of The Playground? Conclusion

I’m sure all of them will be talked about at some point or another by children up and down the land. Will they still be talking about them come summer? On the whole possibly not. Maybe I’m being a little harsh here but none of these toys apart from the Nerf gun makes me say, wow that is ace.

I’ don’t think the Furby Boom should be in the list as it was in last years list, but that’s just me. All in all though I’m sure that your children, the ones whose opinion matters way more than mine, will love each of these toys to a varying degree. Will they rave about them with their makes on the playground. Yes for a while, they probably will.

What do you think about the Toy Retailers Association’s Selection this year?


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