10 LEGO Sets For Under a Tenner – Perfect LEGO Presents!

LEGO Sets for Under Ten Pounds10 LEGO Sets For Under a Tenner, lets look at which 10 Lego sets would make great presents.

Ok I have to admit it right of the bat that I love LEGO and I always have. In my opinion its got to be the best toy ever created, I could play with it all day long and If I ever won the lottery I would definitely have a LEGO room!

Thankfully my son loves it too, so I have the perfect excuse to play with LEGO! His fouth birthday was in January and he got some great LEGO sets from his friends who came to his birthday party.

This gave me the idea for this post 10 LEGO Sets For Under a Tenner, Perfect LEGO Presents!

The thing is about LEGO is that it is actually quite expensive, but there is a reason for that, it lasts for ever! (well almost) Its also expensive because its very well made and designed.

There are many really amazing sets in the more expensive price brackets but thankfully there are oodles in the lower proce brackets too, which makes LEGO sets the perfect choice for Birthday Presents.

In this article, I’m going to run through ten LEGO sets that I feel would make perfect presents either for your children or for one of their friends birthdays.

The following fifteen LEGO sets are great value and each are great LEGO starter sets that can be expanded upon with other LEGO sets in each Theme. I’ve aranged them in no particular order, they are all utterly wicked and I’m sure they would all bring a smile to the face of a little person in your life!

1. LEGO City 7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue

LEGO City 7942 Off Road Fire Rescue TruckFor fans of LEGO City this LEGO City Off-Road Fire Rescue is sure to delight. Featuring a fantastic rescue truck that even has a trailer on the back, I know from my own son that little boys LOVE trailers on the back of trucks!

So your little friend is going to have no problem fighting the fires, rescuing people in LEGO City and keeping the city safe. This hard-working Fire Rescue Truck will help out even in the roughest of conditions.

Your children are going to love imagining they are saving people who are in trouble in their LEGO City. It will be no problem for this LEGO Fire Rescue Truck and the clever LEGO Minifigure Fireman and your child’s helpful fingers.

All you need to do is help your minifigure hop into the cab of his truck, load up his rescue and fire fighting kit and be ready to answer that 999 call in a flash. Includes in the set are a fantastic Truck, Fireman mini-figure and a load of fire fighting tools to fill up the trailer.

Click the above link to find out more if you think the LEGO City 7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue is the right present for your child.

2. LEGO City 7741 Police Helicopter

LEGO City 7741 Police HelicopterThis brilliant LEGO City Police Helicopter is the present we bought for one of my Son’s friends recently and he was very happy with it indeed, he even put a picture of his creation in the thank you card!

With this LEGO set which is part of the LEGO City range you get a fantastic LEGO Police Helicopter with one Police pilot minifigure for your child to play with. Its a relatively easy set for little fingers to put together and one thats sure to give hours and hours of joy as they fly it around their living rooms chasing the bad guys!

If you think this is the right choice for your presnent then you can click the link above to find out more about the LEGO City 7741 Police Helicopter.

3. Bricks & More LEGO 5929 Knight and Castle Building Set

Bricks and More LEGO 5929 Knight and Castle Building SetFor fans of more classic LEGO sets this is the perfect set. Special designed for younger builders this set is easier for little people to build on their own.

I like this set because it features loads ( well five!) things to build and plenty to get your childrens imagination going.

With this set your children can set out for an adventure in the land of castles and dragons. They will be able to create an entire medieval scene with a castle, knight minifigure with sword, fire-breathing dragon, cart and many more simple building ideas.

Click the link above if you think this set is the right present choice for the little knight in your life!

4. LEGO Hero Factory Breez 6227

LEGO Hero Factory Breez 6227LEGO Hero factory is a big hit in our house, my son loves watching the TV show and he loves playing with his Hero Factory figures along with his Bionicales or Barnacles as he calls them!

Breez is one of the main Heros in the TV show and this LEGO Hero Factory Breez figure is the perfect present for a child who loves robots and action figures.

Kids will have great fun pretending that their Breez figure is battling those baddies with her selection of powerful weapons.

They will love using the new headgear packed with sensors to command their team.

BREEZ, we hope you can hear us! The Hero Factory has been breached and the villains are escaping in all directions! With powerful rocket boots, double-bladed saber, plasma shooter and a hex energy shield you’re our hero in the skies, so let’s cuff those villains and teach them that the good guys always win! Stands over 7” (19cm) tall.

If your child loves LEGO Hero factory than this is for you, click the link above to find out more.

5. LEGO Dino 5882 Coelophysis Ambush Attack

LEGO Dino 5882 Coelophysis Ambush AttackNew for 2012 is the brilliant new series of LEGO Dino sets and minifigures. These are perfect for children who like all things to do with dinosaurs. This LEGO Dino Coelophysis Ambush Attack set is the perfect LEGO set for a present and has a good selection of parts, enough that your child will have fun with just what you get in this set.

Your children will love imagining they are the hero as he rides his mini off-roader through the jungle on the lookout for dinosaurs. You need t warn them though because an agile coelophysis might be behind a bush, ready to pounce!

Can your brave hero capture it using his tranquilliser gun before the dino escapes and attacks the city?

This LEGO Dino Coelophysis Ambush Attack set hero minifigure, coelophysis dinosaur, jungle foliage and tranquilizer gun.

If your interested in this set, just click the link above to find out a bit more about it.

6. LEGO Friends 3932 Andrea’s Stage

LEGO Friends 3932 AndreasAlso new for 2012 is a new theme for LEGO, thats aimed well and truly at girls, the new LEGO Friends sets are sure to keep little girls occupied as they build their own LEGO.

Your little girls will be able to pretend showtime as they play with Andrea who is the biggest star in Heartlake City.

She loves to perform for her LEGO Friends and you can help her to put on her best performance yet!

You could shine the spotlight on her as she plays the piano. Then help her crank up the boom box as she sings into the microphone! Finish it off with a dance to your favorite song, make this the biggest show Heartlake City has ever seen!

If you think your little princess would like this set, just click the link above to find out more.

7. LEGO Creator 5763 Dune Hopper

LEGO Creator 5763 Dune HopperThis is my choice definitly for children who love to build with LEGO. From the LEGO Creator is this brilliant 3 in 1 Dune Hopper model that can be rebuilt in three different models.

Your children will love the large chunky tires and will think the proper functioning rear suspension and realistic engine details are fantastic as they adjust the spoiler and open the cockpit to play inside their new Dune Hopper.

The LEGO Creator Dune Hopper is a great 3-in-1 building experience as your children can rebuild the Dune Hopper into a super quad bike or cool trike as well, with the instructions included.

The Dune Hopper is a decent size too, its over 6” (15cm) long and 3” (7cm) wide which for less than a tenner is great value. The other models the super quad bike and trike both feature realistic headlights and detailed tires.

Dune Hopper measures over 6” (15cm) long and 3” (7cm) wide

If you want to know more about this great LEGO set just click the link above to check out this Dune Hopper.

8. LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest 7306 Golden Staff Guardians

LEGO Pharaohs Quest 7306 Golden Staff GuardiansFor fans of LEGO Pharahs Quest this is a really good value set that I’m sure will keep your child occupied as they battle the mummies!

Included in the LEGO Pharaohs Quest Golden Staff Guardians set is three minifigures, Mac McCloud, who includes a gun, helmet and a set of goggles. You also get two mummies with their ancient headdresses and swords.

Your kids will love all the little extras they will get in this LEGO set as it features some dynamite, a motorcycle, a small temple and golden staff treasure that Mac McCloud is after!

The Golden Staff Guardians are protecting the Temple which features a blown-out wall and special secret compartment in which they are hiding the golden staff.

If your little squiglet is a LEGO adventure fan they may well love this LEGO Pharaohs Quest set, click the link above to find out more.

9. LEGO Star Wars 9483 Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack

Fans of Star Wars LEGO are going to love this Rebel Trooper Battle Pack, I know my little Star Wars fan loved the one we.. eeerrr Father Christmas got him for Christmas! 😉

In our house LEGO Star Wars is what we would spend lots of money on if we won the lottery! Well men and my Son that is, I doubt my wife would be all that impressed…

Anyway I’m going of on a tangent here, back to the LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack. With this Endor flavoured set you get two Rebel Troopers in their green costumes and two Imperial Troopers with a random tree and a brown speeder Bike.

The Rebel troopers are equipped with camouflage gear just like you see in the Return of The Jedi film.

Click the link above to find out more about this fantastic Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack set which is a perfect present for a Star Wars mad fan.

10. LEGO Cars 2 9480 Finn McMissile

The hit film of 2011 was definitly Disney Pixar Cars 2 and this LEGO set will definitly appeal to children who love Cars 2. LEGO have created some fantastic models of the main characters from the film and one of my favorites is the one of Finn McMissile and at just a fiver this is a great present for your child.

This LEGO Cars 2 Finn McMissile features accessories that your child will love including radar, holographic screen, flick missile and even a machine gun!

There are loads of different Cars to collect s maybe this could be the start of a great collection for your Son or Daughter.

Click the link above to find out more about the Finn McMissile LEGO set.

More LEGO sets?

I have to tell you I could have esily added another 20 LEGO sets here, there are so many great sets that are really reasonably priced, but I decided to keep it to just 10 for the moment.

In the future I’ll write 10 More LEGO Sets For Under a Tenner! I hope this post has helped to give you some ideas of what set to get your child and I really hope they have fun playing with their new toy 🙂

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LEGO Loving father of two Simon, loves his family, playing, eating well and learning about new cool stuff. He very much like to help others and getting to play with toys with his kids while helping you find ace toys is a massive bonus! Check him out all around the tinterwebs on or Facebook or Twitter.